Hot Applied Bitumen for Water Proofing


This Bitumen was developed in the light of the problems experienced by Consultants, Contractors and Architects. There is a general practice to mix Bitumen 80/100 with Bitumen 10/20 on 50:50 or 25:75 basis, however it was noted that if any one asphalt is not available user will either use 10/20 or 80/100.

Moreover, the product after mixing would not be at par to International Standard. Bitumen 10/20 is an ideal product for summer but is highly brittle in winter’s, therefore PB-4 was developed with mixing 80/100 or 10/20 or both at specified ratio with plasticizers added to get high melting point, more flexible and long life. So where temperature fluctuates in summer’s and winter’s this material is highly suitable to use in place of Bitumen 80/100 or 10/20.


Only Black


After years of research of different samples made with 80/100 and 10/20, along with different plastisizers a final product was developed with specification limits given below:

  • Penetration @ 25°C 15-30
  • Softening point 90° C to 115° C

When this material is reheated for use the sample will show the specifications on higher side therefore it is the best possible material to be used anywhere in the world but not in areas where the temperature is below 10° C. (For such areas BAAPCO has other products)

Preparation of Surface

As with all surface coating, preparation of the surface is of great importance and will influence the degree of water proofing obtained and the life of the coating. All surfaces must be sound stable and thoroughly cleaned.

NOTE: Plastic Bitumen (PB-4) must be applied on dry and clean surfaces.

Method of Application

The material may be heated in drum and applied on already cleaned and primed surface.

The rate of application can range from 1 kg. per sq. meter to 1.5 kg. per sq. meter depending on the surface and the quantity of material to be used. It can be used on material like jute, felt, polythene, plastic sheets, concrete, bricks, etc. The blinding with ordinary sand while material is hot will further provide strong surface. We do not recommend to use shingles on felts covered with Bitumen as the sharp edges will damage the water proof membrane and felt.

If protection from ultra violet rays is necessary then cover it simply with white washing or with Aluminum Bituminized Compound available with the firm.

NOTE: DO NOT heat the drum in standing position rather position it horizontally and cut the drum from center in such a way that it works like an open pan or remove the material from drum and heat it in a open pan separately.