BRS – 1

BRS – 1

Water Proofing With Cold Bitumen Emulsion

This specification is for application on all types of flat or slightly sloping roofs, but NOT on very steep roofs. Cold Bitumen Emulsion BRS -1 is suitable for application on type of roof surfaces such as R.C.C, R.B.C., foam concrete, tile or burnt brick faces and cement sand plaster.

Points to Remember

  • Clean the roof of all dust & dirt and remove completely any pervious application of other materials.
  • Damp the roof surface lightly with water, if very dry and hot.
  • Two coats should always be applied on dried surface in opposite directions.
  • Use Clean Coarse sand free of clay.
  • Bitumen BRS-1 yield excellent results if property used.

Preparation of Surface

  • Clean the roof surface of all dust & dirt and of any other material applied previously.
  • Fill in all cracks and joints with BRS-1 & sand mastic mixed together to form a uniform mastic.
  • similar to the cement sand water mix.

First Application

  • Spread BRS-1 with a brush or spray pump at the rate of 2. 5 gallons per 100 sq. ft. (1 lit/sq.m).
  • Care should be taken to work the brush in one direction and not to paint BRS-1 vigorously, as violet agitation will result in premature ‘breaking’ of Emulsion.
  • Immediately afterwards coarse sand should be lightly sprinkled.

Second Application

  • Apply BRS-1 at the same rate as the fist application.
  • Cover it completely with sand.
  • Level it off with the help of a wooden trowel as is usually done in the case of cement sand plaster till a smooth surface is obtained.


Per 100 sq. ft. of roof surface:

  • Total quantity of BRS-1 for two coats 5.0 gallons.
  • Total quantity of coarse sand for two coats 2.5 cu. ft.


  • BRS 1 can also be used with polythene plastic and other sheets.