BRS – 1

BRS – 1Water Proofing With Cold Bitumen Emulsion

This specification is for application on all types of flat or slightly sloping roofs, but NOT on very steep roofs. Cold Bitumen Emulsion BRS -1 is suitable for application on type of roof surfaces such as R.C.C, R.B.C., foam concrete, tile or burnt brick faces and cement sand plaster.

Points to Remember

(a)    Clean the roof of all dust & dirt and remove completely any pervious

         application of other materials.

(b)    Damp the roof surface lightly with water, if very dry and hot.

(c)    Two coats should always be applied on dried surface in opposite directions.

(d)    Use Clean Coarse sand free of clay.

(e)    Bitumen BRS-1 yield excellent results if property used.

Preparation of Surface

(a) Clean the roof surface of all dust & dirt and of any other material applied previously.

(b) Fill in all cracks and joints with BRS-1 & sand mastic mixed together to form a uniform mastic

similar to the cement sand water mix.

First Application

(a) Spread BRS-1 with a brush or spray pump at the rate of 2. 5 gallons per 100 sq. ft. (1 lit/sq.m).

Care should be taken to work the brush in one direction and not to paint BRS-1 vigorously, as

violet agitation will result in premature ‘breaking’ of Emulsion.

(b) Immediately afterwards coarse sand should be lightly sprinkled.

Second Application

(a) Apply BRS-1 at the same rate as the fist application.

(b) Cover it completely with sand.

(c) Level it off with the help of a wooden trowel as is usually done in the case of cement sand

plaster till a smooth surface is obtained.


Per 100 sq. ft. of roof surface:

(I) Total quantity of BRS-1 for two coats 5.0 gallons.

(II) Total quantity of coarse sand for two coats 2.5 cu. ft.


BRS 1 can also be used with polythene plastic and other sheets.