Polymerized Bitumen for Roofs


BITU-SHIELD is a brownish black, ready to use non fiber liquid which turns black on drying. It is made out of special bitumen blended with dispersed modified copolymer. On drying it forms into an elastic, waterproofed, flexible, seamless tough coating. If properly applied, it can stand rough weather fluctuations, vibrations, sunrays and rains without blistering or peeling.


  • For waterproofing of roofs, damp proof courses, concrete surfaces, plasters, asbestos cements, gypsum, wood and almost on all absorbent surfaces.
  • It is used as curing agent if diluted with water.
  • It is used on underground concrete foundation, exterior basement walls, metal roofs, spouts, concrete pipes and gutters.
  • Abundantly used as a sealant and adhesive for wooden floors, thermopore sheets, polythene sheets, jute and paper felts etc.
  • Strongly recommended to seal the sound and level surfaces of roads & runways where protection to carpeted or bituminized surface is required. It will provide weather resistant to such surfaces and will enhance its life & texture.

(For ROADS & RUNWAYS see literature of Bitu-Shield R )



Appox. 0.75 kgs /m2 or 1.1/2 imp. Gallon / 100 sq. ft.

Drying Time

24 hours required under average conditions.


BITU-SHIELD can be applied by BRUSH, SPRAY or SQUEEGEE. If dry weather, wash the surface before application. If more then on coat is required, apply second coat after 24 hours or when the first coat has completely dried. Apply clean dry sand in between the coats for good adhesion and film formation.

Storage Life

Under good storage conditions and undamaged containers it will last for 4 to 6 months.

Fire Resistance

NONFLAMMABLE IF WET —- If dry It will burn at a very high temperature.


Nontoxic…..It does not effect when dried.

Health & Safety

BITU-SHIELD is nonhazardous and nontoxic Bitumen Emulsion. If taken internally it is very harmful, avoid contact with skin for long. In case of contact with eyes, wash immediately with plenty of water and seek medical treatment immediately.


  • Always use on clean and dust free surface.
  • For better results, stir the contents before use.
  • Do not use if it is or if there are chances of raining.
  • If weather is very cold and temperature is below 0 C, then warm the material and stir before use.
  • Contact the supplier for more technical information, if required.


Available in 30 liter and 210 liter drums.