Multi-Purpose Admixture For Cementitious Systems
Used For Bonding, Waterproofing, Surface Sealing & Many More

Specification Type

BS:5270 approved for use with potable water.


Acro-Bond is an economical quick drying chemical which acts as an adhesive, sealer, bonding agent, cement admixture, water proofer, wear resistant and provides durable concrete & mortar surface. It is based on water proofing polymeric products specially designed for different applications.


  • As a concrete repairing additive.
  • For floor screeds and toppings.
  • As an adhesive for most of building materials.
  • As a bonding agent for concrete repairing.
  • Used for external rendering.
  • As an admixture for mortar.
  • As a waterproofing and tanking material.
  • As an sealer for surfaces.
  • Used for fixing bricks slips and tiles.
  • As a curing agent and frost protection.
  • Corrosion protection to steel bars etc, and many more.

Typical Application

Concrete Repairing

Acro-Bond if mixed with concrete can be used as a repairing material for damaged portion. A primer made of pure cement and Acro-Bond should be applied as prime coat before filling in concrete mix.

Floor Screeds and Toppings

Provides excellent results as an underlay for special finishes, non dusting floors and for abrasion resistance.


Acro-Bond will bond most common building material when mixed with fillers like limestone powder, slate powder and cement. It will also bond plaster board, polystyrene tiles, ceramic tiles, acoustic boards etc., to ceiling and walls. Furthermore it is used as primer for bitumen before application of decorative coatings.

Bonding Agent

It will bond cement screeds, renderings and plaster to most sound surfaces, such as concrete stone, bricks, terrazzo, state floor tiles and new concrete to old concrete without the need of hacking the surface to form a key.

External Rendering

Acro-Bond acts as a water proof, weather proof and frost resistance to all types of external renderings.


It can be used as and admixture in cement sand and screeding materials. It provides a thin jointless toppings for floors and can be used for underlays for vinyl tiles etc.


Acro Bond can be safely used for waterproofing of basements, lift pits, inspection pits, water towers, liquid tanks, swimming pools, and all such structure which require water proofing.


Acro-Bond is a good sealer for all types of walls, roofs, slabs, under floors bricks, emulsions and cement surfaces. Either it should be mixed with cement or just apply by diluting with water. It minimise dusting, oil penetration etc.

Slip Bricks

It is also suitable for refixing slip bricks, bonding new with old and keeping them in place.

Curing Agent

Acro-Bond can safely be used as a curing agent. The green concrete or plaster be sprayed with half water on surface and will provide all the typical qualification of a curing agent.

Corrosion Resistant

Acro-Bond if applied on steel rounds before concreting will protect it from corrosion. Similarly other materials like pipes, sewerage lids etc., if coated will provide protection against corrosion.


  • Numerous applications in the buildings industry.
  • Economical and easy to use.
  • Quick drying and hardening properties.
  • Good abrasion resistant.
  • Good frost resistant and resistant to salt permeation.
  • Prolonged corrosion protection.
  • Non Toxic: can be used with portable water.
  • Greatly improves flexibility.
  • Lower water cement ratio.
  • More economical than epoxy or synthetic resins.
  • Exceptional adhesive properties.
  • Tensile strength normally doubled.
  • Good resistance to many chemicals and mineral oil.
  • Excellent adhesion to steel and concrete.
  • Greatly reduces shrinkage.
  • Prevents bleeding.
  • Increased durability and toughness.
  • Highly resistant to water penetration.
  • Sticks well to bricks, glass, asphalt, wood and most building materials.
  • Proven performance.
  • Similar thermal expansion and modules properties to concrete.


Acro-Bond penetrates in porous material. It has a very good adhesion as a tack coat. It dries to a very flexible surface. Polymers present in it seals, bonds and protects. In concrete mortar it adds properties of non-dusting, greater wear and chemical resistant. It is specially blended for use with portland cement. Its particles bind together to from continuous films and strands, these stitch the opposite sides of the voids together and block up the spaces, thus increasing strength and resistance to weather and water.


Typical properties of Acro-Bond modified cement and sand mix are given below. These result are for 3 :1 sand cement mix in 10 lit of Acro Bond per bag (50 kgs) of cement.

Directions for Use

As a Binder

  • For smooth, flat surfaces, coat both faces with Acro-Bond diluted with an equal volume of water. Allow to become tacky then press together and keep under pressure.
  • Before using purely or in mixture of cement concrete mortar & Acro-Bond, clean the surface from dust and dirt, oil, grease, curing compound (if other than Acro-Bond), paint etc, and then apply it.
  • When applying on steel bars, sheets and steel structures, clean the surface from all such materials mentioned above before application.
  • For bonding, wet the cleaned surface and make a bonding slurry 1 1/ 2 to 2 part cement to 1 part Acro-Bond. Mix well to creamy consistency. Using a stiff brush work this slurry well into the damp surface without any pin holes. The coating should not be more than 2 mm thick. If thick layer is required then apply second coat after one hour and at right angle to the first. 15 to 25 liters of Acro-Bond mixed with 1 bag (50 kgs) of cement will cover about 20 to 40 sq. Meters depending on surface, texture and thickness.

As a Water Proofing Agent

  • For waterproofing of walls, roofs, tanks, foundation etc. mix 10 liters of Acro-Bond with 1 bag or 50 kgs of cement and add water to make a creamy consistence material. After washing the surface apply with brush and avoid pin holes.
  • When first coat has dried apply the second coat across the first. If more coats are required the applications can be repeated after every one hour.
  • For making waterproof concrete add 10 to 15 liters material per 50 kgs of cement and mix well before applying. After drying this will give you a water proof surface sealant for D.P.C etc. A pure coat of Acro-Bond will act as a curing agent as well as a good surface sealant for concrete.

Dosage Rate

For all normal uses standard dose of 10 liters Acro-Bond per 50 Kgs cement is adequate. For extreme conditions or when adhesion, special water proofing, vapor resistance or chemical resistance is required use upto 15 liters of Acro-Bond per bag of cement. As a primer use excessive water with pure cement to make a paint for all type of surface.


Acro-Bond is supplied in 5 and 20 liter containers. For large work special order for 210 liters or more can be placed.

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