Road Emulsions

Road Emulsions

For Tack and Prime Coatings


Asphalt and Bitumen are end products of Petroleum Refining. In order to get better results, easy application and improved products, different types of Emulsions made with Asphalts Cements, which transforms into liquid by fluxing them with water, chemicals, stabilizers and special additives. Upon exposure to atmospheric conditions the water evaporates, leaving the Asphalt Cement.

Due to different climatic conditions prevailing in a country and at different areas within country, a suitable Emulsion will provide better results, good binding and long life roads. We are listing below different classes of Emulsions either available from ready stocks or can be made available according to the individual requirements.

Rapid Setting (R S) Grades

As is clear from its name, these are quick curing (drying) Emulsions used either in winter or where temperature is low, like hill stations or cold temperature areas. These are further subdivided into different grades according to Asphalt percentages namely as RS-1, RS-2 & HFRS-2.

Medium Setting (M S) Grades

These Emulsions are suitable where weather is warm like in summers. If immediate results are required these are the most suitable grades for areas with hot climatic conditions etc. These are sub-divided into RS-1, RS-2 & MS-24. These grades are required to be sprayed at 20° C to 55° C depending on percentage of Asphalt binder and climatic conditions.

Slow Setting (S S) Grades

These Emulsions are slow curing and are only suitable for very hot areas or where soil stabilization or dust proofing is required. These are subdivided into different grades like HFMS-24, SS-1 & SS-14.


Internationally Emulsions are used for road making thus can be used in cold laid plant mix, Asphalt concreting, Surface treatments, Prime coating, Sand mix Sealing, Void filling, Tack coating, Soil stabilizing and others like Buildings, Hydraulic, Corrosion control and Insulation etc.