Specially Polymer Modified Bitumen Emulsion
for Road & Runways and Many More


Polymerized Bitumen Emulsion were developed in U.S.A, Germany, Holland (Burma Shell), Belgium, France and other countries in the beginning of 1990. Many experiments were for improvements in quality of Bitumen & Asphalt for road making, road repairing, runway sealing, and water proofing of buildings etc, etc. With the passage of time these binders stood the extreme temperature fluctuations and did not crack in summer or winters, moreover they keep the surface fully sealed and water proofed.

Similarly, in hot weather due to heavy traffic, roads made with ordinary bitumen cause problems of rutting and cracks develop with the passage of time. In order to overcome these and similar problems Special Polymerized Modified Bitumen Emulsion (Bitu-Shield (R)) was developed. This product gave excellent result by overcoming the rutting & crack problem and also accommodated the surface against thermal cycling. With the use of Bitu-Shield (R) the maintenance of surface is reduced and life of surface/structure lasts longer then ordinary Asphalt or Bitumen binder.


As per B.S.S-434/82, ASTM-D977/86(HFMS-1), ASTM-D-239/85 (CMS-2) and ASTM-D-3320/90


Medium setting (MS) & Rapid Settings (RS)


It can be used for road making, crack repairing, sealing, water proofing of roofs, on damp proof courses, concrete surface, plaster, asbestos sheets, gypsum, wood and almost all the absorbent surfaces.


  • It is strongly and extensively used for making and sealing of roads surfaces, runway surface, parking areas etc. The surface dressing for roads and runways can be done with it. It is used for single surface dressing and up to triple surface dressing, carpeting (from ½” thick to 4” thick), surface repairing, depressions, road cuts, corrugation, rutting and many more.
  • With Bitu-Shield work is done quickly and easily without involving heavy machines or mixture plants. It requires less labor, less fuel cost, less time etc., and gives more progress.
  • It can also be used as Foaming Bitumen for re-cycling plants to lay base for new roads. As Bitu- Shield (R) is heated above 100° C it will foam to act as a binder for black top material for re-use without wasting that material and providing a very strong water proof base metal to resist traveling of moisture from soil to surface of the road thus providing very long life to road, highways, runways etc.
  • It can be used as curing agent for green concrete.
  • Bitu-Sheild (R) can be applied on underground concrete, bricks and plaster surfaces, exterior basement, walls, metal roofs, concrete pipes, gutters etc.
  • It gives excellent result when used as a sealant and binder for wooden floors, thermopore sheets, polyethylene sheets, plastic sheets, jute, paper and fiber felts.


  • COLOUR: Brownish black turns into Jet Black.
  • SOLID CONTENTS: 62% to 68% by weight.
  • POLYMER IN DRY FILM: 10% minimum solid.
  • APPLICATION TEMPERATURE: Not below 5° C. In winter warm it up to 80° C
  • SPECIFIC GRAVITY @ 25° C 1.0 – 1.15
  • RESISTANT: Resistant to water, alcohol, salt solutions, acids, alkalis, vegetable oils, etc.
  • NON RESISTANT: To petrol, kerosene oil, toluene, xylene, thinners etc.


  • For sealing of surface of roads: 1.50 gallons / 100 S.ft.
  • For water proofing of roofs: 2.50 gallons / 100 S.ft.
  • For single wearing cause: 2.50 gallons / 100 S.ft.
  • For double wearing cause.: 5.50 gallons / 100 S.ft.
  • For premix carpeting ¾”: 7.00 gallons / 100 S.ft.
  • For premix carpeting 1”: 8.50 gallons / 100 S.ft.
  • For premix carpeting 1: ½” 9.65 gallons / 100 S.ft.
  • For premix carpeting 2”: 11.50 gallons / 100 S.ft.
  • For premix carpeting 3”: 15.50 gallons / 100 S.ft.

including prime and seal coating


  • Bitu-Shield (R) can be applied by brush, spray, squeegee, can mixed with bajri with hand shovel for small works or Asphalt mixing plants for larger works.
  • Used in concrete mixture for small or large road repairing and leveling.
  • Asphalt plants for highways and new roads.
  • In re-circular concrete plants etc.
  • In case of water proofing either polyethylene sheet or plastic sheets can be used or sand binding with clean and dry sand.
  • For roads please ask for the sizes of bajri to be used on projects.

Storage Life

It can last for 6 months in drums or bulk provided the container is tightly sealed and is undamaged. In winter it must be stored under cover. For long storage in case of drums please roll the drum before use or roll them every month and stack up side down. Do not keep the container open for long.

Health & Safety

  • When wet (liquid) it is non flammable but if dried will burn at high temperatures.
  • When dry is non toxic and not soluble in water. There are no fumes or smoke when used, however do not take it internally as it will be harmful.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes wash with plenty of water immediately and seek medical treatment immediately if necessary.


  • Always use clean, dust free sand and bajri for your works.
  • For better results stir the drums before use.
  • Do not use if it is raining or if there are chances of rain.
  • If weather is very cold and temperature below 0C then warm the material (can be heated up to 80° C) and stir well before use.


20 Liter, 30 Liter, 210 Liter and Bulk Lorries available.