For Bonding between Metal & Enamel


Synthetic Primer Type-B is cold applied quick drying material consisting of chlorinated rubber, synthetic plastisizer in xylene together with dark black coloring matter. This primer is suitable for all grades of coating materials. It will provide good, suitable affective bond between the metal and the subsequent coating of coaltar base hot applied enamel grade 110/8 & 120/5 and Asphalt Enamels.

Conformance to Standard

The Primer conforms to the British Standard Specifications BS-4164, 1987 for Coal tar Based and Asphalt Enamel based hot applied coating materials for protection of iron and steel pipes.


  • This primer is for cold application; consisting of chlorinated rubber and plasticizer and when required colouring matter together with solvents needed to give a consistency suitable for application by spray, brush or other approved method.
  • The soluble synthetic constituents of the Primer (chlorinated rubber and plastisizers) shall consistently and homogeneously be mixed with its Solvent.


  1. Synthetic Primer Type-B by nature of its constituents will generate and provide effective bond between pipe surface on which it is applied and subsequent layer of asphalt or coaltar enamel or subsequent coating.
  2. It is the obligation and responsibility of primer supplier to ensure and guarantee/satisfactory performance of the primer with enamel(s) manufactured by different companies/source(s).
  3. This Primer shall comply with the requirements given in table-1 when tested by the methods specified and when dry, shall provide effective bond between the metal and the subsequent coatings, in accordance with the appropriate performance requirements given in this standard.

Table 1:

Characteristics Min Max
Viscosity (flow time) 4 mm cup at 23° C 40 60
Flash point (Able closed cup) °C 23
Volatile Matter (105° C to 110° C), % loss by mass 75

Drying Time

Synthetic Primer Type-B is to be tack free dry within 5 to 15 minutes at an air temperature between 15° C to 25° C and having a relative humidity not greater than 60% (test method; BS 4164, 1987 Appendix-P)


The coverage/consumption rate per square ft; is between 10 to 12 m/liter at 25 micron thick film on new pipe surface and remains active for months after application.

Shelf Life

The recommended shelf life of the synthetic primer type-B is at least for one year or more, provided the material is properly stored in dry, unopen/sealed containers.


  1. The supplier tests in laboratory each batch and issue test report by giving physical characteristics of the primer as per its International Standard specifications.
  2. Supplier also submits report and chemical composition with respect to content of chlorinated rubber and type of solvent.


Primer is packed in suitably heavy gauged new drums/drummy containing 20 liters each. The company provides instructions for handling the material and its shelf life.

Compatible with Asphalt Enamel

  • Chlorinated Rubber base Primer, suitable for use with Bitumen Enamel, conforming to British Standard BS 4164 Type-B.
  • The primer shall be quick drying and suitable to be applied by roller, brush or spray.