(ASTM-D 41) TYPE – A


This solvent base Bitumen Primer is recommended for use on all porous and nonporous surfaces. The function of primer is to help remove the dust particles and remain adhesive for sometime to allow sticking of final coats on top of it. It also provides durability, increases life, extra strength and furthermore acts as a binder between the surface and the materials applied thereafter.


It is to be applied on concrete as well as on bituminised surfaces. It can also be applied on metal surfaces prior to any other coatings such as Anti Corrosive Bitumen. It is used as a prime coat for Felts, Asphalt, Concrete & Steel work surfaces, Bricks, Plaster, Asbestos and prior to the application of Bitumen Emulsions or Solvent based materials.

Instructions For Use

  1. Apply Primer to clean and sound surfaces.
  2. Do not apply on wet surfaces. (for wet surfaces ask for water based Primer)
  3. Allow to dry for 3 to 4 hours in summer and 7 to 8 hours in winter.
  4. If the temperature is below 0° C then wait at least 24 hours before applying the actual coating.
  5. This material can be applied with brush, roller or spray.

Cleaning of Tools

Immediately after use, clean the brush etc. with petrol, white spirit or naptha solvent.

Application Temperature Range

1° C (32 F) to 60° C (14° F)

Drying Time

3 to 6 hours depending on prevailing conditions, mainly weather.


0.25 to 0.50 liter per sq. meter according to porosity of base or surface


  1. Specific gravity @ 25° C —— 0.89 (ASTM-D..70)
  2. Density @ 25° C —— 0.89 (ASTM-D..70)
  3. Viscosity saybolt Furol @ 75 dy, c.s 30——70 (ASTM-D..88)
  4. Flash point in ° C 23° C (73° F) (ASTM-D..3143)
  5. Weight per imp. Gallon 8.9 Ibs (4 kgs)

Storage Life

Indefinitely if stored under good conditions e.g.

  • Container should be tightly closed/sealed.
  • Stored in a dry place.
  • Stored in undamaged containers.

Caution Note

  • Do not place the material next or near to fire.
  • Keep away from fire and avoid naked flame.

Health & Safety

Non- Toxic and does not effect when dried.


4.5 liters, 20 liters and 210 liters.

Other Primer

The Synthetic Primer type B is also available on request.