Asphalt Enamel or Pipe Coating Enamel (PCE) is bitumen based hot applied costing material used for protection of iron, steel materials and pipes. As per requirements of international steel and iron pipe coatings. It is blended with inert plasticizer in very fine grade. Uniformly mixed with selected oxidized bitumen and chemicals. It is proved to be the best anti-corrosive product for steel pipes used in gas, crude petroleum products distribution system, chemicals and many others pipelines including water etc.


It is extensively used against corrosive environment, including buried underground pipelines all over the world to provide maximum protection against weathering and is practically good for small or large diameter pipelines. If applied correctly it is also very strong against mechanically high load factors. It also protects the pipes from damage against sharp edge and pointed rocks during laying & digging of trenches. Asphalt Enamel is considered excellent for protection of catholically arranged pipelines. There will be no dislocation of wrapped coating and son peeling takes place. It has a strong bondage with pipes if applied with suitable primer and will provide long lasting protection to catholic rectifiers and anodes.




PCE is manufactured under BSS-4147/80


Asphalt Enamel falls under the international Specification as per chart bellow.

1. Softening point (R&B) °C 100 to 120
2. Density at 25 °C, g/ml 1.20 to 1.40
3. Penetration at 25 C° 10-1mm 10 to 20
4. Filler contents by ignition % 25 to 35
5. Flash points min °C 250
6. Sag at 60 °C. 24h in mm² (max) 1.25
7. Impact disbanded area (max) mm² in O °C 10000
8. Peal initial and delayed (max) in mm² At 300°C 3.0
At 400°C 3.0
At 500°C 3.0
At 600°C 3.0

Salient Frature

  1. High electrical resistively material.
  2. Low water absorption when underground or in atmosphere.
  3. Flexible to resist soil movement and vibration.
  4. Ease in application on pipelines.
  5. Chemically resistant to acidic and alkaline soils.
  6. If properly applied will have good and permanent adhesion to metal.
  7. Is non_sagging at high temperature.

It does not react with other ingredients of coating materials.


In the event of further questions or concerning the  use of this product. Please contact our technical advisor.