Black Bitumen Paint


A solvent carried full bodies bituminous paint to comply with British Standard 3416: 1975 Type 1 and Type 11.



Service Temperature Limits

Between 30° and 70° Celsius ( 86° and 158° Fahrenheit).

Flash Point

38° Celsius ( 100° Fahrenheit).

Container Sizes

1, 2, 5, 4 and 25 liters.

Coverage Rates

On metal and smooth surfaces 10 square meters per liter (approx. 490 square feet per imp. Gallon) On concrete and porous surfaces between 5-6 square meters per litre (approx. 290 square feet per imp. Gallon)

Storage Life

Indefinite in tightly sealed, undamaged containers. ANTI CORROSIVE BITUMEN should be stored indoors under conditions applying to products with a FLASHPOINT of 38° Celsius.

Application Instruction

Note: Do Not apply Anti Corrosive Bitumen over tar based products.

Method of Application


As with all surface coating, preparation of the surface is of great importance and will influence the degree of adhesion obtained along with life of the coating. All surface must be sound, stable and thoroughly cleaned. ANTI CORROSIVE BITUMEN may be applied on slightly damp but not wet surfaces. For excellent results apply on dry surface only.


By brush, squeegee or spray, choice being dependant upon the size of the area and surface to be treated.


For spray application, in order to adjust its viscosity ANTI CORROSIVE BITUMEN may be diluted by using one part white spirit to eight parts of paint. Check the suitability of all spray equipment before using.


ANTI CORROSIVE BITUMEN provides an effective waterproof, weatherproof, corrosion resistant protective coating. It is resistant to low concentrations of alkalis & acids and can withstand prolonged oxidation. It is suitable for application to a wide variety of materials including iron, steel, lead , zinc, aluminum, asbestos cement, concrete, stone, bricks and is constantly used for:

  1. Metal protection corrugated iron sheds, fire escapes, stairways, ladders, storage tanks, gutters, drain pipes, fences, railings, gates etc.
  2. Protecting drinking water tanks.
  3. A protective coating for concrete structures, stone, brick, concrete screeds and sand/cement surfaces.

Metal Protection

Metal surfaces should be wire brushed to remove rust before application. Where long term protection is required an initial treatment of rust inhibitive product such as red lead or zinc phosphate should be used. A minimum of two coats should be applied, the first being allowed to dry before the second is applied.

Note: ANTI CORROSIVE BITUMEN may bleed through any paint and subsequently come on top. Apply a primer recommended by the paint manufacturer before painting over it.

Drinking Water Tanks:

  • After the final coat has dried, thoroughly wash the tank with clean cold water before using.
  • Protective Coating on Concrete etc.
  • Since concrete and some stone surfaces may be porous, an initial primer coat of ANTI CORROSIVE BITUMEN diluted as for spraying should be applied.

Protection & Emergency Action

  • In event of narcosis due to inhalation of concentrated vapours, remove the person to fresh air. Call for medical attention immediately.
  • Avoid contact with the skin, eyes and non protective clothing. (Any product which has dried on the skin may be removed with proprietary hand cleaner.)
  • When working with the product , until it has dried, ensure that the areas is well ventilated thereby avoiding build up of solvent vapour.

Cleaning Tools

Tools may be cleaned by using white spirit or paraffin. Spillages should be wiped off surfaces before the bitumen paint has set.

Health & Safety

ANTI CORROSIVE BITUMEN is solvent based and can produce an inflammable vapour causing fire. The solvent may have a narcotic effect if inhaled or absorbed through the skin. The following precautions are therefore strongly advised when using it:

  • Wear protective clothing.
  • Avoid smoking, hot lights, naked flames or creating sparks.
  • Never take the product internally.
  • Contact with eyes thoroughly irrigates. Immediately wash eyes with clean cold water and call for medical attention.
  • In event of fire; extinguish with either carbon dioxide, dry chemical or foam fire extinguisher, sand or earth.

Further Information

In the event of further questions or problems concerning the use of this products, please contact our Technical Advisory Service.