Bitumen 10/20

Bitumen 10/20

Hot Applied Bitumen For Water Proofing

Specfication For Oxidized (Blown) Bitumen

Oxidized Bitumen is produced by either continuous blowing process. Heated Penetration Grade Bitumen under controlled environment is blown with air which controls the oil content in the Bitumen while it oxidized. The different grades for suited application produced are designated by two numbers to indicate the mid- points of their softening points and penetration ranges.

Method Of Application;

Blown grade Bitumen is widely used as an anti-slip layer compound in the pilling industry, for manufacture of roofing felts, for sound dampening felts and under carriage sealant in the automobile industry, electric cable joint protection, joint filling compound and many others.

Relative Density at 25 deg °C,g/ml 1,00-1.06 ASTM D70
Softening Point (Ring and Ball), deg °C 90 MIN ASTM D36
Penetration at 25 deg °C, 0.1mm 10-20 ASTM D5
Flash Point (Cleveland open Cup), deg °C 200 ASTM D92
Loss on heating % by mass 0.5 ASTM D6
Ductility at @% deg °C cm, min 2 ASTM D113
Solubility in toluene % wt min 99 EN 12592;2000


Second hand steel Drum ± 200 Kgs.

Health & Safety;

  • Contains petroleum distillate; flammable: keep away from open fire, sparks or others ignition sources; wear protective clothing, gloves and goggle.
  • Skin –avoid repeated or prolonged contact, if occurs remove with hand cleaner that removes oil or grease, then clean with soap and water.
  • Eyes Contact could cause irritation. If contact occurs flush immediately with clean water.


DO NOT heat the drum in standing position rather position it horizontally and cut the drum form center in such  a way that it works like an open pan or remove the material from heat it an a open  pan  separately.