For Concreting


ASTMC 494 & BS 5075 PART 11

Primary Use

  • To Increase flexural strength.
  • Increase compressive Strength.
  • Economies Cement.
  • For hot weather curing.
  • High workability.
  • Protection again attacks of ground water salts and water itself.
  • Reduce Permeability.
  • Improve compatibility & cohesion.
  • Get long term strength.
  • Low dosages for site batching.
  • Increase resistance to sulphate attacks.
  • Reduce bleeding in concrete.
  • Reduce surface absorption.
  • To produce water proof concrete.

Typical Applications

  • For mass concreting.
  • Concreting Dams, Reservoirs etc.
  • Water Proofing of Basements and foundations.
  • Swimming pools concreting.
  • Water Tanks.
  • Car Parking top sealing.
  • Floor Toppings and Cement Renderings.
  • Protection against water constantly in contact with concrete.
  • Sea salt or underground water protection to buildings.
  • Resistance against hydrostatic pressure etc.


Super Plasticizer acts efficiently on the cement particles by effecting as a powerful Plastering and Deflocculating agent. It improves the workability of concrete mixes without addition of extra water. Due to the improved dispersal of the cement particles the process of hydration proceeds under optimum conditions. The pores are filled with insoluble crystals and cement particles and aids permeability against high water pressure.


A multi component admixture based upon refined high molecular organic chemicals and esters combined with water reducing and water proofing agents.


  • Color Dark brown/blackish liquid.
  • Sp. Gravity 1.03 to 1.20 @ 20° C
  • Chlorine contents: NIL
  • Nitrate contents: NIL
  • Freezing point: 0° C Can be reconstituted after thawing
  • Storage Life: Two years if stored in sealed container.

Direction For Use

Super Plastisisizer should be added to the concrete mix during mixing cycle at the same time as the water. Never add it to dry cement. Ensure that water cement ratio is not exceeded. Keep water ratio as low as possible.


320 to 400 cc per bag of (50 kg) cement, field trials should be conducted to determine the effect on the workability. Workability will be improved and strength will remain the same. Liquid admixture dispenser units can be used in case of usage in plants.

Technical Assistance

For advise and recommendations on the use of all BAAPCO products consult your nearest company technical staff.