Acrylic Modified Flexible Cementitious Water Proof Coating


A M-HYDROSEAL is a cementitious, polymer modified surface coating of two Components.

  • Powder – A blend of special cement, silica sand and auxiliary chemicals.
  • Liquid – Modified acrylic dispersion with wetting agents.

It is a applied by slurry brash in two or more coats to the surface that will be in contact with water. During membrane built up, a mesh glass fabric is embedded in-between the coasts to provide extra strength to the coating and to enable gaps and angles to be bridged and coated effectively.


Grey + Off white


The cementitious dry mortar powder and the polymer dispersion liquid are balanced so that mixing of two components results in plastic, thixotropic compound. After application, the bulk of the water evaporates and the polymer forms a tough rubbery film which bridges over fine cracks and water proofs the concrete without impeding water diffusion.

Owing to the presence of dispersed polymer, the fresh concrete treated with A M-HYDROSEAL no longer carbonates and the chloride penetration is considerably suppressed. A M-HYDROSEAL is nontoxic and does not contain chlorides nor any other salts which could cause efflorescence.


  • As a water proof lining for water retaining structures like storage tank, swimming pool etc.
  • For coating sea water channels i.e. canals, culverts, sewers etc.
  • Protection of concrete against carbonation and chloride attack.
  • Water proofing of new and existing buildings.
  • To provide protection to foundations and basements.
  • As a water proof coat to roofs.
  • For tile adhesion in water retaining structure.

Application Instruction

Surface preparation:

The surface must be leveled, free of dust, oil and grease. Remove laitance, contamination and any loose particles. For substrate preparation, use of high pressure water jets and sand blasting equipments are recommended. Any sharp edges and ridges should be rounded off to attain a flawless coat of uniform thickness. The concrete must be adequately wetted to avoid rapid water loss from fresh slurry or the concrete surface must be primed with an acrylic primer to reduce suction by the substrate to avoid plastic cracking and pin holes.


  • A M-HYDROSEAL is supplied in precisely proportioned units ready mixing (pre conditioned material at 25° C) Pour liquid component in a clean mixing container
  • Add powder component gradually while stirring slowly with a 3/4 drill mixing paddle.
  • Mix to uniform consistency. Over mixing may entrap air.
  • Mix for 3 to 5 minutes after addition of all components.
  • The pot life of A M-HYDROSEAL is approximately 20 to 30 minutes depending on ambient conditions.


  • Thoroughly work the material either by the brush or trowel in to the substrate; make sure the rounded edges be fully coated. Do Not apply coats thicker than 1.5 mm.
  • While the coat is still wet, embed fiberglass mesh into the coat. Use the trowel to work the material up and through the mesh until it is completely embedded.
  • Allow an overlapping of 50 to 100 mm wide on each side as well as over up stands.
  • Apply the second or subsequent coat of 1.5 mm thick after the previous coat has dried. The second coat should not cause the first coat to displace.
  • Smooth over by flat edge, creating a smooth void less membrane.

Drying time

Prevent premature drying, protect from extreme heat, direct sunlight, wind, rain and frost for at least 24 hours. Allow to cure for minimum 7 days (Curing time varies with humidity, temperature and substrate porosity). Once cured, surface should be flushed with several changes of water before water pond testing.


A M-HYDROSEAL treatment that may be subject to mechanical damage must be protected by a concrete, cement, tile or other protective screed.


The tools should be cleaned with water before A M-HYDROSEAL hardens. Cured material can be removed mechanically.


A M-HYDROSEAL will cover approximately 1.9 kg/m at 1 mm thickness.


A M-HYDROSEAL is supplied in 25 kg Kit that includes part A and B.


A M-HYDROSEAL should be stored over pallets in a cool dry place. Shelf life will be 12 months in unopened bags.

Safety Precautions

A M-HYDROSEAL does not contain toxic materials. Care should be taken to avoid inhalation of dust and to prevent material entering into eyes.