Crack repairing, joint filling & sealing of old & new roads

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Lahore

  • Rectification of bulged up carpet along edges of apron at AIIAP Lahore.


LAFCO (Pvt.) Limited, Sheikhupura

  • Repairing Cleaning and Sealing of Road at Lahore/ Sheikhupura Road Project – I
  • Repairing Cleaning and Sealing of Road at Lahore/ Sheikhupura Road Project – II
  • Repairing Cleaning and Sealing of Road at Lahore/ Sheikhupura Road Project – III
  • Maintenance/Repairing of asphaltic road Pavement Dual Carriageway.

Crack repairing & sealing of runways

PAF (Pakistan Air Force) Bases


  • Repair of secondary runway and parallel taxi track along with runway marking paint
  • Three coats of chlorinated rubber based special paint of Main Runway Parallel taxi
  • Joint filling & surface treatment of the remaining portion of Parallel Taxiway
  • Cracks/Joint filling and seal coating of (D) area


  • Sealing & filling of cracks of parallel Taxi at PAF Base
  • Rectification of Cracks of parallel Taxi at PAF Base

Mirpur Khas Sindh

  • Provision of surface Treatment including filling of cracks of main runway parallel taxi


  • Repair of damaged portion Parking/tarmac area at Quetta base
  • CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)


  • Emergent repair of Main Runway at Multan Airport
  • Special repair of damaged portion of runway at Multan Airport
  • Improvement of surface of jet taxi-way at Multan Airport
  • Emergent repair of runway Multan Airport


  • Repair work of main runway at Lahore International Airport
  • Sealing of Cracks on surface of runway at AIIAP Lahore
  • Joint / Crack flling and patch work of runway at AIIAP Lahore


  • Special/Emergent repair of SSR/VHF building at Rojhan


  • Surface sealing of highly oxidized portion crack filling 1½” thick asphalt concrete overlay in delta area near 03 end at Faisalabad Airport

Joint filling & sealing of runways

PAF (Pakistan Air Force) Bases


  • Joint cleaning & filling at 14 end
  • Joint filling and surface treatment of main runway and marking of runway
  • Joint cleaning filling of rigid pavement area of Main Runway

Samungli Quetta

  • Repair of PCC slabs and joint fillings in 17 Sqn
  • Repair of PCC slabs in 23 Sqn, repair of slabs in 23
  • Repair of joint filling


  • Abnormal repair/joint filling


  • Repair of slabs in 23 Sqn
  • Repair of Slabs in 17 Sqn


  • Refilling of joints


Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)


  • Joint filling of apron & runway at Walton Aerodrome Lahore
  • Joint filling along Taxiways Q,T,U,S,R,P

DG Khan

  • Joint filling of bravo apron slabs


  • Joint filling of bravo taxi way


  • Repair of apron slabs & joint fillings


  • Joint filling of old (A) Link Taxiway

Road Re-Carpeting

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)


  • Re-Carpeting of H&J Taxiway at Lahore airport


  • Re-carpeting of ATC link road At Faisalabad airport
  • Re-carpeting of drive way in front of terminal building at Faisalabad airport
  • Re-carpeting of CIP car park and apron site area at Faisalabad airport


AIIRS Associates Lahore

  • Supply and laying of plant pre mix Asphalt 2.5” thick with pavers at Rangers Headquarters, Lahore

Water Proofing Work

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Base Sargodha

  • Abnormal repair to roof leakage treatment of CCS HQS Buildings


Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Lahore Airport

  • Water Proofing of Regional Director’s Office Block & Allied Building at AIIAP Lahore

Various types of road cracks

Road repairing procedure

Finished result